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By carefully selecting only the world's leading chemical products and supplying them to the paint, ink, adhesive, paper, artificial marble, electronic materials, synthetic leather and textile sectors, we are doing our best to make human life richer and more beautiful.

We are an import and sales company, importing basic chemicals, raw materials, etc. used in the
domestic industries and chemical industry; as well as supplying them to domestic manufacturers.
We always try to meet customers' needs by always identifying the flow of foreign markets.

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Our chemical business consists of the Chemical Division, UV TFT, and Yeungnam Branch. It is responsible for ‘Monomer & Solvent and fine chemical product family’, ‘UV TFT for Urethane & Vinyl-based resin’ and
‘UV Coating product family and Yeungnam Branch’ for product supply to the Southern Region.

We have cooperative relations with the world's leading chemical suppliers such as BASF, Huntsman,
Mitsubishi Rayon, Evonik Degussa, Sasol, Taminco, WACKER, JVP, Toagosei etc. We are also leading
the growth and development of the domestic chemical market.