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Based on our partnership with HP Korea for the indigo business, we are providing all the various service-related solutions.We handle things starting from the sales of the best HP digital printer to operator training, technical support, upgrading parts, and consumable supply targeting. This customer base includes, but is not limited to, the general corporate clients including commercial printing and industrial printing of Korea.
It is out privileged to announce that we are recently beginning to launch a variety of solutions to industries will be benefitted from 3D printing technologies with EnvisionTEC, the leading company in rapid manufacture of customized products utilizing its proprietary consumables across a variety of markets.

Commercial printing: General companies, special institutions including government offices and
public offices, Finance/Insurance and DM-related companies

industrial printing: Label and packaging companies, packaging related companies, specialization
Supporting special printing companies

3D Printing: jewelry, hearing aid, dental, consumer, auto manufacturing and design companies.
Specialties 3D Printing, Biofabrication, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Medical Devices &
Implants, Digital Dentistry, Jewelry Design & Fabrication, Toys & Animation, Digital Manufacturing,
Materials Science & Engineering, Hearing Aid Shell Fabrication